Infrared attempts

In order to determine the various requirements to the IR systems in the industriellen practice, the IWT infrared thermodynamics GmbH accomplishes extensive infrared attempts in the technical school.

These inform about the different parameters to the infrared warming.

In particular the definition of the optimal type of emitter, the achievement, the heating-up time, the heating temperatures or the control logic are here the goal.

For this the IWT infrared thermodynamics GmbH has standard modules with all usual emitter types and wavelengths.

On the basis the won realizations the planning of an infrared plant and the connected investment is then also possible on economical basis.

Goals of the infrared attempts

  • Selection of the optimal type of emitter
  • Electrical amounts of heat determine
  • Heating times and –temperatures take up
  • Interpretation of the control logic
  • Temperature distributions measure