Portal dryer

For the drying process of complete single surfaces, over combinations up to the complete drying process IWT offers a complete portal solution here.

A high heat transfer achievement is obtained by the effective IR heating up. Often the booth is also used to mask and to paint the vehicles, before the movable IR drier finishs the proces and cures the coating.

The allocation of the IR emitters into separately controllable single emitters in connection with an intelligent control makes an even and fast drying possible of the varnish surfaces. 

The vehicles are brought in manually or by promoters into the cab. Afterwards the selection of the patch, the motor vehicle type and the color takes place. The portal drives opto sensoryly to the necessary position.

Over the digital management by the displaceable portal dryer the desired vehicle parts are processed and so the lacquer drying process is optimally steered.

Facts in the overview

  • high heat transfer achievement by IR drying process
  • short drying times
  • effective control management over PC control
  • arbitrary combination of patches possible
  • high economy by optimal achievement management
  • flexible control engineering