Carpet deformation

Carpets for the employment in automobiles have a hard life:

Highly to be loaded they in the vehicle, during their production are already heated up not only later it in few seconds on up to 200°C, deformed afterwards in presses.

  • Superficially seen a simple procedure, but in the infrared plant puts more:
  • Hundreds of single emitters, everyone of them individually steered.

Superordinate automatic control loops with contactless collection of the object temperatures.

And once one should fail the emitter: The control will notice, to you will announce and will document it.

Ideally for the employment as suppliers for the automobile industry.

As accompanying shown as isolated solution for carpets of a large German sportscar manufacturer. Or in the line sequentially for numbers of items, as volume manufacturers in same quality require it.

Facts in the overview

  • Products for the high range of stress
  • Contactless collection of the object temperatures
  • Automatic production error message
  • Isolated solutions possible