Outline-adapted IR emitters

Always we do not find the ideal case, always are not the object one which can be warmed up straight, homogeneous surface.

Always the emitters are not fast with machine stop enough, in order to prevent an inadmissibly high heating up. Always we do not have an environment atmosphere, which excludes a contamination of the IR emitters.

In such cases applies to be proven constructions too abandoned and new ways:

Emitter fields are circular closed to warm up about in order plastic tubes evenly and with smallest tolerance.

Or the emitters turn away pneumatically propelled from the commodity, in order not to permit also with dangerous operating conditions and stop of the conveying engineering a temperature rise. To the protection from dust, fibers, deposits we set infrared-permeable windowpanes before the emitters: To change and simply clean simply.

These and other examples show: There is mostly a solution, even if setting of tasks appears unsolvable at first sight.

Facts in the overview

  • Individual conceptions
  • Development environment for critical requirements
  • Innovative solution developments