Powder coating dryer

The drying times cannot only be shortened drastically, also the quality of powder coatings can be increased, as the time up to reaching the melting point is kept as short as possible.

With IR radiation no problem, yet is not each construction unit is suitable. Leave this proof confidently the IWT: We will examine the feasibility in the apron with sample parts.

We will objectively inform you also if IR is a little economical a solution. They otherwise however from project engineering to start-up and accompany beyond that competent.

Nevertheless very effectively: the user uses the high radiation portion, whereby the environment atmosphere does not have influence. Therefore it can dry its housing in few minutes, - like in former times - in a half hour. Thus it can invest the time won thereby into further productive activities. If the user switches the IR part off during an operating phase, the emitters are afterwards within fewer minutes again ready for use.

Facts in the overview

  • Shortened drying times
  • Feasibility studies at sample parts