Subarea dryer

IWT subarea driers represent the economic and space-saving alternative to convection-heated driers.

By the effective IR heating up the 2 to triple heat transfer achievement with according to shorter drying time one obtains.

For planning, in addition, for refit it is of great advantage that for the integration into the production line often only one clock with a vehicle length is sufficient.

The simple selection of the IR emitters makes the arbitrary combination of patches, e.g. for fenders possible in front with tail cover in the back or roof with hood up to the complete vehicle.

There is only in each case the selected IR emitters active, which besides after reaching the drying temperature on a holding capacity (approx. 40 – 50 % of the rated output) shift down. The power requirement is thus minimized clearly during optimal amount of heat.

Example for a fender:

The necessary achievement in the heating phase (approx. 1 – 2 min.) amounts to approx.. 12 KW. Afterwards the achievement switches for the duration of the drying time to approx.. 4 – 5 KW back.

Facts in the overview

  • high heat transfer achievement by IR drying process
  • short drying times
  • arbitrary combination from patches to the complete vehicle possible
  • serious energy conservation by change-over of amount of heat on holding capacity
  • space-saving
  • high economy by optimal achievement management