Warm up from plastics or textiles before the deformation: An ideal application for infrared radiant heat.

Before the product decision:

Would you like to warm up or expect only the surfaces you a deep warming of your materials up?

Is a rough allocation of the emitter achievement into few zones sufficient or does achieve we our goal only with single emitter price increases?

Is the emitter achievement to be regulated or would be a control the better choice?

We will decide these questions together with you and will occupy in the doubt the found answers by attempts in our technical school.

Of course we adapt also the requirements to the controllings of your production, visualize all process data at the screen and document them constantly

We interlace the infrared plant with the periphery or serve and steer your plant simply over tracers and potentiometers. Completely so, as it requires its process. No more, but never less.

Facts in the overview

  • Emitter selection co-ordinated with the product
  • Single emitter or zone control
  • Visualizations, monitoring functions, documentation of process parameters