Trim heating up

The installation of parts in the interior of vehicle bodies is often not simple:

Too immovably are usually the plastic linings, in order to be able to be installed within a short time with highest precision.

Remedy creates here easy infrared irradiation: the temperature increases the mobility of the plastics substantially, facilitates for the personnel the assembly and creates a remaining alike, higher quality.

More similarly productive advantages result by means of infrared when fixing trim and model designations at vehicle bodies: One easily heating up forwards or during the sticking process activates the adhesive and increases its sticking strength.

Whether within the transport containers, directly at the vehicle in the clock or going through that a goal is always identically: Improve and optimize the quality and repetition accuracy by the employment of IR irradiation.

Facts in the overview

  • Shortened drying times
  • Feasibility studies at sample parts
  • Consulting from project engineering to start-up